This project is looking forward to create a low-cost security system via Raspberry Pi board and Arduino Mega 2560 board and you can do it by yourself it so simply, and quality is being properly with cost.

When there is an attempt of break-in or any possible unwanted visitor or thief, the system will sound and alert. Each sensor can be enabled or disabled by the user. The Motion sensor, flame sensor, magnetic switch and keypad provide information to the Arduino board, and so these are known as ‘inputs’. The Arduino board then ‘decides’ how to behave and may then operate the outputs e.g. make the buzzer or display a message on the Liquid Crystal Display . And the camera so it takes a snap shot of the area where the motion sensor was activated by move camera with servo motor. After that, Raspberry Pi will be sent to the internet module so it can be posted image on the web-page.