Use IBT_2 H-bridge module and arduino control DC motor/ Linear actuator

I brought a 24V 3A Linear actuator.L298N current limit is 2A, so I have to find other H-bridge module to control the pwm and direction of Linear Actuator.


IBT-2 can provide Maximum Current 43A and it's inexpensive.


But I can't find tutorial about how to use IBT-2 control motor without using a potentiometer. As a new user of Arduino, It takes me a few hours to make it works.

I would like to share the code I used and the Arduino diagram. Hope that may help people who try to use IBT_2 H-bridge module and Arduino control DC motor/ Linear actuator.


In the video, I used a Linear actuator but you can use a DC motor instead of a Linear Actuator. It just wires up in same way.


In chinese:



you can see the movement on youtube