Example of interactive electronics for multi-sensory art pieces. Used in a re-interpretation of the "Reminiscences of Youth" - Kurelek, exposed at AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario. Those are the electronic parts used at the art re-interpretation.

On a Raspberry pi 3 B  install pygame:

#sudo pip install pygame


create a directory for example: "artpiece" and copy all the files (code session) to that directory ( kur.py and pyaudiogame.py)


Carefully check all the connections. All capacitive sensors (10 in total) should be connected to the ground and VCC (3.3) - DON'T USE 5V other wise you will burn the Rasperrry!!!


Also connect the US-100 to the 3.3V line, Ground and TX and RX pins as shown in the Fritzing diagram. Use of sensors like SR04 is not recommended as the reading with 3.3V is very un-acurate.


Create sound files that represent your creation and copy them at the solution directory (  to directory artpiece ) . All sound files must be in the wav format. The sound names must be in the format: sound1.wav , sound2.wav,...... sound10.wav . Each sound will be triggered by each capacitive sensor and will be played in the foreground when the user touches a sensor.


You can have a background song called "song.wav"