Just began a new project: the aim is to have some output (for now, an LED light) when something is on a particular point on an X , Y coordinate plane. This is achieved by having 2 pairs of infrared emitters and receivers aimed at the point of interest. When both beams are blocked, we know that something is on the point of interest.

Because the IR library doesn't support the simultaneous use of 2 emitter/receiver pairs, I'm going to try a few non conventional things. The first idea is to rapidly alternate between activating emitter/receiver pairs and use logical functions to AND the pairs together to search for coincidence within species-appropriate parameters. I think this will be milliseconds for mice. We'll see!


For now, I'll be working on just getting one pair of emitter/receivers working.


If anyone has tips on how to get it working from one breadboard, I'd appreciate it. It seems like the IR signal just keeps bouncing off of barriers and activating the receiver...