Iot simple circuit, temperature an humidity, using DHT11 sensor and account, with only one channel and two fields, one per temperature and another to humidty, to obtain two separete curves and tables. The account is free, inside the code are my personal write API key, replace with your personal key and test the proposal circuit, make your own with your vision and data. I use ENP8266-01 to internet connection, try another methods or version. Enjoy!


1 x Arduino Nano
1 x 2AAA baterry enclosure
1 x DHT-11 or DHT-22 sensor
1 x ESP8266-01 AI WiFi module or similar
1 x 220 ohm resistor
1 x 10k ohm. resistor
AAA bateries
Dupont cables assortment


Very simple circuit and a free account, in the code, to do a very easy practice IotT sensor connection and collect data across manu sensor, to process after download a Excel or CSV file from your own account.