IR-controlled RGB-LED with full funktion embedded programs like smooth, flash, fade, on, off, andbelieve it is better than the commercial once!

The project shows how to calculate the resistors for the red, blue and green LED, depended on the illumination (See at RGB-ResistorcalculationSuperflex.pptx.pdf)

You will find a full functional Software for Arduino. You can control the RGB-LED via infrared remote control.

Important is to copy libraries to arduino user libraries directory and IR_Remote_x01 to arduino user directory. Then you can compile the software.

Also important for first start you have to save initialvalues in eeprom. Remove dashes// in software first.

In front of function ValuesSave(); at the Setup Function.

Now Initialvalues will be saved in EEprom for first start you power on the hardware Arduino. Power on and it will be done.

After that, program the controller again but now without calling the funktion ValuesSave() in start up! 

Put here the dashes again // Now You can control the LED.

With boolean variable Invertout2rgbLED() you can choose between common anode or cathode.

May be you have to change the IR-controllercommands use here the scetches from libraries to watch your IR-commands!

Many fun by experimenting.