It's a simple 4 channel IR receiver/decoder.

You can configure the IR codes with serial monitor (by press a key on the remote shows up in the serial monitor)

You can switch on/off LED 1/2/3 with the remote button 1/2/3, and the fourth LED is power controlled by (e.g.) volume buttons.


Check it on YouTube!


You should download the IRemote.h library from this URL:

You can find help how to install it to your Arduino desktop Software.


To edit the IR codes, find these lines e.g.: "case 3249147378:" and replace the numbers with your remote's button code.

(The ino code is included in the .fzz package. )



Sometimes tricky to find out the proper code, for exaple, the Sony sends a loads of redundant data, and when if you keep pressing a button, only the redundant data will repeating. I tried with HP eHome remote also, but it have two different code for one button (always swap with single button press) and the repetition is depends on the last code...


I think the best remote is the cheapest, it cost £2-3 on eBay. (The distance range might be shorter)


Good luck!