Its a simple and usefull tiny construction, to connect a Nano, a standard IR Sensor and a 220V Relais.The Arduino can be run with USB Power.Or it has a connection to a Power Supply  as well. With a normal IR Remote you can switch any 220V Device on and off.Anything wrong? To easy? Just let me know.Have fun! 

You will need:

1x Arduino Nano

2x Screw Connector 3

1x Screw Connector 2

1x IR Sensor

1x 220V Relais

1x 12x22 Dot Shield

8x Wires on Board
6x Wires / each 3 for Sensor and Relais


Just connect everything the way shown in the picture:

Red is Power.

Black is Mass.

Yellow is Signal.

Green is Signal.

Runs with every IR Remote.