Automatic irrigator for three elettro-valve with selectable time, alarm time and irrigation duration.

This is a pratic system for automatic irragation of three different places one times in two days.

At the beginning the system is setup for turn on at 1:30 am for 10 minutes for each valve.

When Arduino start the green led is on. When the green led is on it's mean that the valve will turn on in this day. To turn off a valve push the OFF button. If the green led is off the system will turn on the day after.

If the red led is on the system is on.

For set up the time, time alarm and irrigation duration push the minute button and hour button together. Follow the instruction on the display:

1) SET_HOUR: Set the time clock and press set button;

2) SET_ALA_: Set igniction time and press set button;

3) SET_OFF_: set irrigation time and press set button;

To force the ignition push the ON button. To turn off a valve push the OFF button.

The box in the image need some little fix but the system work.