Arduino UNO Multiplexer shield to get up to 16 digital outputs and 32 Digital or Analog inputs, originally made to make custom MIDI controllers. Inspired on Mayhew Labs Mux Shield

This shield has been developed for a MIDI controller workshop in Yaeltex, Argentina. We needed to expand Arduino UNO I/O capabilities but keep coding simple enough for begginers.

  • Analog/Digital inputs : 32 (32 digital, 32 analog or 16 analog plus 16 digital) with 2x CD4067
  • Digital outputs: 16 with 2x 74hc595
  • Optional extra input for HC SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Optional MIDI DIN IN/OUT with miniplug jacks
  • Size: 13 x 6,1cm


To use this shields as USB MIDI controllers, we use HIDUINO firmware made by Dimitri Diakopoulos


Both shield and code (for midi uses) has been tested but might still have some problem. Please contact if you find one!

Original PCB design by Jorge Crowe, Mateo Ferley Yael and Franco Grassano


Code by Franco Grassano