kWh-Powerconsumption registration. Contains: (Fritzing)PCB with a Lightpulse detection circuit with Daylight compensation. Arduino Uno acting as a webserver. Arduino stores measured values on SD-card. Values can be displayed as charts by using a webbrowser.

At home I have a digital kWh-Powerconsumption meter. A blinking (orange) LED shows how much Power is consumed. 1000 pulses = 1 kWh. I designed a (Fritzing)PCB which detects these light pulses. The pulses are used as an interrupt on an Arduino UNO board. The Arduino counts the pulses and calculates every 30 seconds how much Power is consumed. The value is stored on a SD-card together with a (Unix)timestamp from a timeserver on the internet. The Arduino is also acting as a webserver. With a webbrowser you can show the measured values in several charts. The PCB is very simple to solder. No SMD's are used. The programming of the Arduino was very difficult (for me) because an UNO is to tiny (low SRAM) for such a program. I used a lot of programmingtricks to fit everything in SRAM and Flash. I also used a lot of hardware and software examples from various projects on the internet. So if you recognize something and it's yours. Thank you for your work. It helped me completing this project.


For the webpage of the Arduino webserver you have to store some html-files on the SD-card. Pictures and other files are stored elsewere on the internet. The webserver code uses "" for calculating and displaying the charts. It's free to use..


Because Fritzing,org is not the right place for non-PCB related issues (like Arduino programming) I created a special project website.


For more details about this project or the demo page goto my projectpages at: