Example of using the KY-015 Temperature and humidity sensor module.

The KY-015 Temperature and humidity sensor module is part of the series "37 In 1 Board Sensor Module Kit Set For Arduino", looks like a small circuit, are mounted on it, the DHT11 sensor, two resistors, a LED and a 3-pin connector.
The DHT11 sensor is a temperature and humidity sensor with output of data in digital format.
The sensor uses a digital technique which combined with the exclusive moisture sensing technology, ensures the reliability and stability.
Its sensitive elements are connected with an 8-bit single-chip processor.
For the test of KY-015 module after making the various connections shown in the diagram, you will have to load the sketch inside the Arduino memory, the program uses the DHT11 library that simplifies the management of the program.
The program will display in the window of the serial monitor the humidity and temperature data will be reported in the serial monitor window.