A very simple stepper motor driver for Arduino based on http://blog.whattomake.co.kr/158 work.

This is a simple motor driver for Arduino based on the L293x H-Bridge motor driver.

The most difficult step would be dissasembling a CD-ROM drive without getting mad in the process. Those units, have three motors, one DC motor that drives the tray, one BLDC motor that spindles the CD/DVD and one bipolar stepper that drives the lasers. This last is easily identificable because it is attached to a serpentine. The other tricky thing would be connecting the wires to the motor, one easy way is to desolder the four wired band connector, in wich the motor is plugged, and solder it to a stripped prototiping board, there you can add any connectors you want. To identify the bobines, use a multimeter in Ohm mode, or test connection mode. The pairs must show connection betbeen them, in most cd motors they are connected in order, so it would be very easy to identify.