This project is to measure the temperature of the lake water as well as the indoor temperature of the controller box for the equipment. The measuring unit receives power from the lipo battery and the solar panel charges the battery. Solar maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is to ensure that the light intensity change, photovoltaic cells output maximum power, to make full use of solar energy. In general, need to use a switch mode DC - DC converter to realize MPPT function, keep the output voltage and charging current product maximize (output). The MPPT board has overload protection and if the battery voltage is less than 2.8V the unit will turn off and the battery will not be damaged. However, this does not happen as the lipo battery is 3400 mAh and the Wemos D1 mini is programmed in DeepSleep mode. The Wemos D1 mini wakes up from DeepSleep mode every 4 hours so that power consumption is very low. This can be adjusted from the ESP easy firmware to the desired setting. The measurement unit sends the temperature data as HTTP to the domoticz Home Automation System wirelessly via a router. In addition, I have added domoticziin alarms if the water temperature is above 20 degrees and when the temperature falls below 5 ° C. This alert is available via email or your mobile phone, for example via the pushbullet service. You'll find the part list included in Fritzing sketch. While doing this project I Was listeling A.Le Rock band ;)

There is a partlist included in the sketch