This is a simple laser gun target board that utilises a single servo, a twin 7-segment display, an LDR and an Arduino.       

Materials Required

  • Arduino Uno or compatible
  • Stripboard cut to 24 by 24 holes
  • Medium servo (slightly larger than the 9g servos)
  • Light Dependent Resistor
  • 2x 7-segment displays, common anode
  • 10k Potentiometer with 0.1" pin pitch
  • 9x 2-pin 0.1" pitch screw terminals
  • 8x 150Ω to 330Ω resistors
  • Hookup wires


  • Do NOT refer to the schematic in the Fritzing file! It is NOT routed.
  • The centre of the stripboard needs to be cut as per the Fritzing file. Make sure it is cut or short circuits will occur.
  • Make sure that the Arduino's 5V power supply can adequately supply current for a servo


  1. Cut the stripboard to a size of 24x24 and populate the stripboard as shown in the Breadboard View of the Fritzing file
  2. Attach the servo as shown in the Fritzing file
  3. Solder extension wires to the LDR, install the LDR on your target board and connect the wires to the screw terminals as shown in the Fritzing file
  4. Hookup all other wires from the stripboard's screw terminals to the Arduino as shown in the Fritzing file
 Fun fact

The Arduino code is compiled with the strictest compilation settings (-Wall) with no compilation warnings or errors and complies with the NASA C Style Guide (