configurable LCD [brightness+contras] using 1K potensio for configure contras, and a 5Kohm for setting the brightness

My first LCD was too bright without resistor, but when I add 2.2K resistor to pin 15 then it was too dark. So, I need an adjustable the LCD backlight brightness. It done by replacing the resistor with a 5Kohm potensiometer. Anyway, there is no 5K pot in my nearest electronic store, so here is my final project using 10K pot+10K resistor in parelel layout for gain 5Kohm. This 5K is maximum value of the  needed for  brightness. This layout is also contains one more potensiometer for contras setting.


Anyway, I have no electrical background. So, maybe it need some improvement, at least it work fine for me today.


Any constructive critique more than appreciated.