this project is to help people with a lot of LEDs and wires to make thier own custom lights.

there are 2 parts and you only have to do 1. If you want to keep it on a bread board and be able to take it apart keep reading. If you want to saughter it together skip to part 2.

part 1 3 or more LED`s on the bread board rember numbers are seprate and letters are connected

2.on the short side of each LED connect it to GND or negative

3.on the long side of the LED connect it to pin 1, 2, or 3

4.repeat step 1-3 to the rest of the LED`s


part 2 3 led`s on a prototype board like you did on the bread board

2.wire it like you did on part 1

3.after you got you`re layout saughter it together






after you did everything test it out