Custom PCB shape of sunglasses for use with neopixels

This PCB is meant to use an adafruit trinket 3v microcontroller, a LiPo battery, a button, 62 neopixels, and a microphone. The arms are attached to the frame with male header pins in the frame and female header bent 90 degrees into the arm connections. There is a header input area for the adafruit electret adjustable gain microphone, for sound-reactive mode. The microphone, button, and neopixel connections are broken out in holes on the left arm, where the neopixel data connection starts. These are meant to be wired to the trinket, not very elegant but oh well. 


Hardest part was most definitely SMD soldering the neopixels. Everything else was pretty easy, not very elegant and the PCB could use some comfort improvements. The arms might be a tad short, and the nose area is a little small (needs to be expanded for room to add nose pads).