This makes a LED light up when the user presses a button. This does not require any code.

OK, this is a really simple project. You do not require any prior programming nor electronic skills. You can use either an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, both should work.



STEP 1 - Connect the cables from the card:

- Connect a cable from the 3V3 pin to J2 

- Connect a cable from the ground pin ( which one doesn't matter ) to J9


STEP 2 - Set up a button and a LED:

- Connect a 4-pinned button to I2

The legs of the button should now be in I2, I4, F2 and F4

- Connect a LED to J4

The legs of the LED should now be in J4 and J5. Remember that the long leg (anode, +-legl) should face towards the + current. In this case that would mean that the long leg should go in J4 ( I was not able to rotate the LED in the editor )


STEP 3 - Connect a resistor to the board:

For this simple project it doesn't matter what resistor you use as long as the resistance is between 1k-2k Ohms.

- Connect one leg of the resistor to I5, and the other one to I9


You have now completed a simple project, and when you press the button the LED should light up.