ATmega328p based LED wall clock.

This clock is based on ATmega328p microcontroller, with combination of DS1307 - Real Time Clock, MAX7219 - 64 LEDs drivers, 74HC595 - shift registers, DS18B20 - temperature sensor, GL5528 - photoresistor, LEDs and other electronic components. --- Clock with RGB seconds --- Four 74HC595 control 10 RGB leds. But TLC5940 is a better choice. --- Ellipse clock --- Three MAX7219 control all LEDs. No shift registers needed. Each MAX7219 can control 64 LEDs. For ellipse clock I used tree of them. The first one controls 2 hour's digits (2x7x4=56 green leds + 6 blue leds + 2 dots between hours and minutes ). The second one controls 2 minute's digits (2x7x4=56 green leds + 6 blue leds). The third MAX7219 controls second's 60 red leds . For making a 7 segment digits, I used 5x7 cm prototype PCB circuit board. Before solder the LEDs, I wired the board for 4 digits and 7 segments each of four boards with copper wire. See circuit. As a main board I used a coroplast (polygal) sheet. Just print the sketch and make on polygal holes with a needle for LEDs.


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