This circuit uses an Arduino Nano to illuminate a series of mini LEDs placed on a chart which reproduce the flashing sequences of real lighthouses


I have made a design for a circuit using Fritzing (attached).  I'm afraid that I'm not skilled enough to develop the PCB etc parts of the file, but I wondered if you could make a PCB from my Fritzing Sketch, and let me know how much you would charge for a small batch of PCBs, with dimensions as small as possible.
Just the bare PCB is required - I can populate it with components myself. (0.1 inch hole spacing)
I have included 32 x 330 ohm resistors, but would prefer to use 4 x the resistor array 10A331J which has 10 pins
I will just run wires to the LEDs, rather than put them on the PCB board
Many thanks for your help

Kieran Cranley