MEGA BREAD SERIES Number 8, A very simple and time wasting implement for almost any skill level.  

Updated 5-26-2017


Twin servos on the drive wheels, 12G size, Metal aircraft grade, High Speed Low Drag devices.  Sonic distance sensor, with a Mini Pro as a brain.  The balance and layout will allow for twin super mini servos for sonar location device  movement.  It has a 6 Position Gyro allowing it to Stand up on two wheels, Or set itself down and haul maul to wherever. Small adaptations seem to be able to be implemented with very little trouble.





The wheels are from a spectacular, and expensive model F4U-1 aircraft crash.  The Case is made from a wall mounted motion sensor.



As you can see, there is plenty of left over space at the top for the mounting of the Sonic sensor motion control needs. The Gyro sits directly behind the main brain. Power is a 2000 Mha Cell Phone LiOn battery, Nice and flat, It slides in between the top of the brain board, and the facing side. This Wide Load base gives it excellent ballance, and speed when needed is also available.



Moved and relocated the flat battery pack to the underside (The back when upright), I was experiencing heating issues and to be safe, moved them.


Please use caution with these battery packs from the cellular phones, any damage can lead to a very devestating fire outbreak.



Will update as needed.