Part #2 in the MEGA BREAD series, It was added 4-12-2017. The First input system for this project. As a project base for my son to learn puters and such, I am putting this thing together with all the known knowledge in the universe, well, my universe at least.    The most important aspect of this is to be sure to keep your button switches aligned correctly. It will give you Odd readings otherwise :( Yes, i know this by experience.

This is based on the need for letters only so far,

Top row of a keyboard is 10 letters across it.

So 10 button columns it was, Coupled with 3 Rows giving us 30 total, Also planning to use a stock 16 button shield for numerical or hex input.


The signal rows (the 10 blue wires) will in some way connect to the 3 source signals.

How i am going to do that is not yet known.


UPDATED 4-14-2017

Added updated .fzz file, added schematic file, added new pictures.


Now as to the way that i wired the 3 signal feeds, is it feasable