Clock based on the jixclock concept, but build using SMD WS2812B "smart" RGB leds.

Work in progress !


For now only the display part is being done - and not built yet, I do not recommand making one for now if you're not sure you know what you do.


JixClock is a clock displaying digits of hours minutes and second one by one, each by a group of RGB leds.


The rightmost group of nine leds is the units of seconds, the second-to-rightmost group of six leds is the decade for seconds and so on to the left most group of 3 leds which is for hour's decade.


Each digit is displayed by lighting up the same number of leds in the group, colors and positions inside the group of the leds are not relevant and are actually kept random.


For instance if the time is 09:17:36 th rightmost group of 9 leds will have 6 leds light up, the second-to-rightmost group of six leds will have 3 leds on, and so on until the leftmost group of 3 leds wich will be all off - for 0.


My plan for now is to build this using a digispark and a real time clock. User input will be coming from a quadrature encoder to set the time, the brightness, etc...