It's basically an ultrasound object detector with lights that indicate the general closeness of an object. This is also my first Fritzing Project, but not my first arduino project.

You wire up an ultrasonic sensor first, with the ground, power source, 2 digital pins etc... but in the exact places as the sketch wich is to the right. ->


then you connect the 3 LED lights (with each having their own digital pin and ground).


Thats all that is needed to bring Mister EagleEyes to life, but to improve it, you can add a LED that blinks when a ultrasound wave is recieved and a piezo that beeps if the green light blinks.




Credit to Dejan Nedelkovski for the code with the variables (the upper half of the full code for Mister EagleEyes) so thank you very much for that.