Automatic garage doors are a blessing. However.. Did you push the button when leaving? Or worse... Did the kids close the door when leaving for school? Or.. How to give your neighbour acces when you are not at home?

This project monitors two garage doors. On the LCD screen you can see the last movemoents of your doors. When a door opens or closes the movements are logged. A door that is not completly opened or stays open for to long triggers an alarm.
Alarms are send by sms.
Using one (for security reasons) other mobile number it is possible to send a command to open or close a door. Only acceptable commands are processed (close when door is open or open when door is closed).

Sms is used as a communication system as this is more secure as a plain internet connection.

In order to check the door state proximity magnetic switches are used. Of course those can be replaced by microswitches.

(The protoshield on the left of the arduino replaces the breadboard)