Create a Morse Code device with a push button and Arduino

With Arduino and some basic electronic parts, including a push button and piezo buzzer, you too can make a Morse Code device!



Arduino microcontroller

Jumper wires, 8

Resistor, 300 ohm

Resistor, 10K ohm

Push Button

Piezo Buzzer



Python, pySerial (see below) --->

morseCode.ino -->


Technical part:

You probably need moderate knowledge of Python to interpret the Serial data to actually translate the data into Morse Code.  See below for basic instructions.

This Fritzing and Arduino Sketch input data to the Serial.  (This can be interpretted by software such as the Processing IDE. <>)  Alternatively, I have written a Python script that processes the Serial data and can be run in the Command Line.  You will likely have to change the serial port in the script to match your Arduino.


Instructions (for Mac OSX, if you're familiar with Python):

1. Setup device as shown in Fritz.

2. Upload Sketch to Arduino and ensure that it works as expected. (Piezo Buzzer should beep as you tap the push button)

2. Download and morseCode.ino

3. Download pySerial if you don't already have it (Google it).

4. Open Command Line (Terminal)

5. Navigate to directory with your

6. Run python

7. Tap button and make dits and dahs.


*Feel free to make any edits to the script that you like.  Currently to end your message: wait for 1.5 seconds and press the push button again.  Run the script again to create another messge.*


Any questions? Leave a comment pls.