Shield to control 2 DC motors. Compatible with the NKC Motor Shield.

Motor shield to control 2 DC motors. The shield is compatible to the NKC Motor Shield

Pins/Funktion: Pin 13: Direction Motor 1 Pin 12: Direction Motor 2 Pin 10: Speed (PWM) Motor 1 Pin 9: Speed (PWM) Motor 2

Connections Motors: There are 2 screw terminals for the 2 motors.

Motor Power: The motors can powered with the Arduino supply via Pin Vin. If the motors are powered with external power supply the motor voltage is connected to the vin screw terminal or the power jack and the resistor R5 (0 Ohm) has to be removed.

Note: If motor power is connected via via screw terminal or power jack on the shield resistor R5 MUST be removed.