With this shield you can monitor through HTTP the status of the fire/burglar/cooling system and environemental information. The shield can be connected to an Arduino Ethernet with POE you then have a nice little and universal sensor you can plug into your network and use to retreive information for your alerting system like nagios.

This shield can be connected to an "Arduino Ethernet" even the POE version to monitor the status of the burglar or fire alarm, or cooling system, or ... through HTTP. A nagios plugin can retreive alarm system status and temperature/humidity information.

If there is a fire, an intrusion, if the alarm system has low battery, if the cooling system has stopped, switched to backup cooling system or if there is a power outage, nagios can retrieve this information and send alerts.

The shield can be connected to any alarm system which provides relays which can be opened if a problem occurs, most of the alarm systems can do that.

The shield is not using pins which may be used by a 3G or gsm shield in order to directly send alerts by SMS.

The code is provided as a basic and quick example, and must be modified to fit your needs (alarm connections, mac and ip address). The green led will blink to show that it is working, the red led will get on when some conditions are met like alarm is in critical state or temperature is too high, this can be defined in the code)

If your are interested to get more information, if you have any suggestions or are going to use it in your project please contact me: Gregor Bruhin greg@ [same domain as my website] or visit my website: http://11g.ch/arduino