This is an arduino clone that was designed to be used with

This is an arduino clone that has been designed and packaged for home automation use. It was designed to work as a node. There is an eight pin female header to connect an NRF24L01 directly to the board. I have personally decided to use screw terminals for the digital and analog connections, but you can substitute 2.54mm headers. Four of the digital pins are connected to bidirectional level shifters so that the Atmega may interface with 5V devices. The power input has been designed to accept 7-13V, but the board can be run on 2 AA batteries if they are connected to a 3.3v terminal. 



There are no special tricks for assembly. The components should be soldered to their respective places on the board. The atmega 328 should be programmed with the arduino bootloader, and the fuse bits should be set so that the brownout voltage is 1.8V. 



This sensors node runs at 8mhz.