Arduino nano at-tiny programmer.

-------------I think it is broken?------------------

This uses a Arduino nano with its header pins up side down. if you don't want to re-solder your header pins or you don't have a nano i have written the required pins needed to wire up the small board.

parts required the nanogrammer PCB 1 10uF cap 1 220Ω resistor (optional) 1 led (optional)

Assembly steps

solder the 220Ω resistor in place(it does not      
   matter which way it goes in)

next solder the 10uF cap with the white stripe
   facing the name (nanogrammer)(i recommend 
   that you lay the cap down so there is more 
   room for the led and so it is not so tall)

almost there, solder the led with the longer   
   led in the hole with the +

one last step, now you can solder the dip 
   socket for the At-tiny and the female 
   header pins for the nano (or male header 
   pins for a bread board)


if you did not solder the led/resistor there is no point soldering the resistor/led.

if bread-boarding you need to connect the reset power and ground as well as the digital pins. from the top left hand corner (with the logo facing you) the second pin is the gnd, the third pin is reset and the fourth pin id