Displays the On/Off event by count down LED's

Circuit description The PROFESSIONALkitStamp01 is supplied over “Vin1”. Over “+5V“the external circuit is supplied. In this case we only power “RB4“and “RB6”over R1221 and R1121 with positive voltage. The tip switches S1111 (Off- Function) and S1112 (On- Function) power the Inputs “RB4” or “RB6” to ground, when a tip switch is pressed. The light-emitting diodes LED1113 to LED1120 contain series resistors, so they can connect directly to the PkS-01.

Description on “Count down Switcher” The moment you power the circuit LED1105 (/Q) lights up. On pressing tip switch S1112, starts LED1116 to LEDD1120 ascending to light up. When LEDD1120 lights up, LEDD1105 (/Q) goes off and LED1106(Q) will be switched on. Pressing S1111 LED1116 to LED1120 descending goes off. When LED1116 goes off, LED1106 (Q) goes off and LED1105 (/Q) will be switched on. S1111 is Power off- Switcher and S1112 the power on.

Dokumentation of PkS you will find on external Link.