PCB for astronomy motorisation by onstep use teensy 3.2 and alternative map. motor driver compatible : tmc2100, drv8825, tmc2130,..  

I designed a PCB to use OneStep with a mount.
The PCB is compatible with "alternative_pin map" and Teensy 3.2.
The PCB contains an unwired ST4 port.
The PCB is designed to accept any motor driver in pololu format (drv8825 / tmc2100 / tmc2130 / ramps128 / ...).
The maximum expected consumption is 2A per driver.
The selection of the micro-steps is made using jumper or with the help of the teensy but necesity of cable M0 / M1 / M2.

The 2 LEDs are in derivation on the resistance.

Provision for RTC 3v battery.

Jumper to turn off the engine supply.
Remote teensy USB port on USB type B.

Continuous 12v power supply on jack. 12v output / input via terminal block.

4 slot for Gnd, 5v and 3.3v power supply for sensor.

add port for bluetooth HC-05