Frode Lillerud asked for some parts in Fritzing.

These parts turned out to be more fun and challenging than I expected.  The SN74LVC2G14DBVR in the SOT23-6 package was the easiest of the three.  I made the schematic and PCB SVGs from scratch, following the pad sizes given in the data sheet.  The Breadboard view I copied from another part.  If you can copy a part entierly and just change pin names, that's the way to go.


The A4950ELJTR motor driver in a SOIC-8 package needed a thermal pad that wasn't in any existing SOIC-8 package I could find in Fritzing.  I copied the schematic from the SN74LVC2G14DBVR file and copied and pasted to add more pins.  The breadboard SVG was copied from an existing part, but I changed the label in the svg to match this part.


I had a lot of problems with the thermal pad.  What I wanted was connections for the chip on one side, and a rectangular thermal pad on both sides with a plated hole from one pad through to the other.  That way you could solder the thermal pad from the far side and get great conductivity between the two planes.  Apparently both copper layers need to be the same, even though I read they can be different.  So you only got one thermal pad.


For the FT230XQ in the QFN 16 package I had to learn how to rotate test in the schematic view, which should come in handy later.  I also figured out how to use the  nsew buttons in the part editor to change where the connections are made on schematic pins.