From Charliecube is a 4x4x4 tri-color LED Cube designed and created by Asher Glick and Kevin Baker. But what makes it special? Other cubes use shift registers, decade counters, or other components to control all the LEDs and can cost upwards of $150. The charliecube can be run using only 16 digital pins with no extra components and costs $30 plus an arduino.

This is a work in progress.


I designed a 10x10cm PCB for easier assembling of a Charliecube (created by Asher Glick).


Please go to or for How-to instructions on building a Charliecube using a protoboard.


Do note that the PCB is as of yet untested and that the hole spacing for the spire legs are wider in the PCB than in the How-tos linked above.


The top side in Fritzing is actually meant to be the bottom.


The Arduino Nano is intended to be soldered to the PCB using a 2.54mm pitch Male Single Row SMT Pin Header Strip and not using regular through-hole. This is purely done for aesthetical reasons.


I intend to order black PCBs and to manually remove the via outlines in the top and bottom solder mask files to cover the vias in black as well.