A PIC microcontroller board with the form factor of Arduino. Implements the "Pinguino" hardware and bootloader.

This board implements the simplest and canonical PInguino hardware, can hold a 18F2550 or a 18F4550, is DIY oriented, uses single-sided PCB, is designed in Fritzing, and respect de following from Arduino UNO R3:
- The shape and size of PCB
- The position and quantity of all pins (UNO R3)
- The position and size of 4 holes in PCB
- The position of USB connector (type B) and power connector

The mapping of the pins between Arduino and Pinguino were the most interesting part, in the site you will find a comparative table between different implementations of PICduinos. The present design is based in viewing the Arduino pins like a bus, trying to achieve shield compatibility.