Implemented a plant monitoring and watering system using evive which continuously monitor the moisture, humidity and temperature of the plant. When the moisture level in the soil goes down to a certain threshold, it automatically starts watering the plant. The notification and the moisture level is shared to user using telnet through WiFi. Explore the project here.

Components required for the project are:

  • Evive
  • Soil moisture sensor which you can get from here
  • Humidity sensor which you can get from here
  • Temperature sensor LM35 which you can get from here
  • A water pump
  • A thin water tube (compatible with your pump)
  • ESP-12E (ESP8266) WiFi module which you can get from here
  • 12-Volt battery
  • Jumper cables, wires
  • A water reservoir (bucket)

Visit the following to find the detailed step wise instructuctions to make the project: Plant monitoring cum watering system with evive


Find all the codes on GitHub


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