arduino compatible with 6 common cathode rgb leds.

arduinish board with six common cathode rgb led with an arduino sketch that allows 18 channels of pwm control. the prototype was built using a boarduino, but i'd like a stand alone board so i can make a night light for my niece.

the project can be controlled over a serial connection or the sketch can be built with a script in flash. scripts in flash can also be started by external commands. the code is not fully tested because i kind of moved on when i got it working "well enough."

the inspiration for this was the blinkM by thingM and the realization that 6 of them would set me back close to $100.

it makes a dandy night light and watching the changing sequence of lights can be very relaxing. i use white plastic drinking straws over my leds for diffusers which cause it to project colored dots onto the ceiling which may, in turn, prove entertaining to cats.