Circuit Layout of the Radio Shack 3D 3x3x3 Cube. Radio Shack site for diagrams and code is not currently available (7/8/2015), so I decided to help out others that may want to know. Good project for less than 10 dollars. Mine was on sale for 4.99. How could I not try it!!

First test the individual leds to see if they all work. One of mine did not and it is a pain to have to remove it from a constructed cube.

Using the information found in the instuctions included with the Radio Shack kit, the bending of the LED leads to make the is the first challenge. The making of each layer is helped out using the circuit board's predrilled holes where each led is placed upside down for the consistent spacing. The stacking of each layer the the last challenge. The quality of the lead bending now will shows up because the length of the will show up as uneven lengths.

It appears that the circuit board has a flaw in it. Arduino Board's Pin 2 does not connect with to the led side of the 100 ohm resistor. I had to install jumper on the R1 resistor to the front bottom left hand side of the column of leds. Note: R1, R2, and R3 are closest to you when viewing the array with the labeling side up. The board is a single sided board which makes the soldering job a little more tricky.

I will be developing the code if I can not find it on the web, but first I had to figure out the pin out.