Rainbow Eye is a device that assist people who suffer from colour blindness. Colour blindness is adeficiency where people with colour blind can’t see the colour of the objects in the environment and their dailylives. The problem is still an issue where people suffering from colour blindness can’t be cured by medical science, yet many do not realize they are colour blind. Rainbow Eye is an aalternative electronics device that can make people suffering from colour blindness to colour of their surroundings. Specially, the device focused on people with Deuteranopia, those who has problem with red and green colour deficiency. It is equipped with tricolour sensor for detecting the colour of materials,followed by displaying colour labels according to the right colour. Rainbow Eye has many benefits, ranging from visual aid for wireman and to helping shoppers in choosing food products at supermarket.  

A colour detector sensor by using retinal response from LDR that capture the colour of image by reflectionof light that reflected from RGB LED to the surface of objects and classified via Arduino C+ Programming. It will display the output of project.

This is a new project which an alternative way to ease people who suffer Deutranopia Disease.