This device will detect motion through an accelerometer and will sound an alarm and send an SMS (test message) alert to me whenever someone enters the door that the device is connected to.

I have decided to turn my raspberry pi into a motion sensing device, capable of detecting the motion of a door (or anything else). When this project is complete, it should be attached to a door as a security feature and anytime someone opens or moves that door the pi will sound and alarm and send an sms (text message) notification.



- Raspberry Pi with OS installed
- ADXL345 Accelerometer
- A breadboard/T-cobbler with male to male jumper cables OR female jumper cables only
- A power bank

- Speaker with 3.5mm connection

- Any case to house the hardware

- Velcro/wall hooks



1. If using a breadboard pick a side to attach the accelerometer
2. Using jumper cables (male to male) from accelerometer to breadboard:
    - 3V3 of accelerometer to 3V3 of breadboard
    - Ground of accelerometer to ground of breadboard
    - SCL to SCL
    - SDA to SDA
3. Install the accelerometer tools and check that the connection is being detected.