Arduino UNO+L298N+HC06

1. Parts requirement :

 1). arduino UNO Rev.3 *1  --$24.95 / pcs


 2). HC-06 (Serial Bluetooth) *1 --$9.99 / pcs


 3).RC Car Kit *1 --$14.59 / set

 4).3.7V battery set *1 --$19.99 / set

*Of course,you can choose other power supply.

 5). Dupont Wire *1 --$8.86 / set

*Just buy what you need.


2.Wire :

See the wire.jpg pic.

P.S. I use the 3.7V battery set for the power supply.So the Vin should have Voltage(smaller) close to the power of battery set. 

P.S.Here's a point, I use Vin to connect the 12V sucket of L298N, because it's more stable than you connect from battery set (or ets..).And it's enough for your RC car.


3.Code :

Check the "20170613_BlueTooth-L298N-UNO-Car.ino" file.


4.App requirement :

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car (Android)