Hello,    This board is for my dad's trucking company. The drivers hate having to write down on a piece of paper the part number and what not.   Id love if anyone could help me on making this work!      

So I came up with an idea.




When a driver leaves the parts room he just has to put the part up to the RFID reader and its done!


How it works is when someone scans a part it sends it from the RFID reader to a micro chip than to the

X-BEE transceiver and it wirelessly send the tag data another X-BEE/ardunio in my room than goes into my computer.


I haven't wrote code for any of it yet... 

I would love if anyone wants to take part in the project and help me!




This is my first project and first time making a PCB!

I dont know if my circuiting is right on the board so please correct me if im wrong.


Contact me: [email protected].