Design, build and test of a RGB LED night light module.

this is a build using an ATTiny85 and 5 RGB LEDs. the project items are listed below that were used.


2 PNP transistors

3 NPN transistors

3 Zener Diodes 6v8


1 ATTiny85

2 100K resistors (Blue and Green)

2 2k2 resistors

1 1k resistor


the module itself is designed to fit into a water resistant box with a clear cover. i designed and manufactured three other modules that will complement the use of the RGB LED night light module board: the power board, the controller board and the relay board. they all fit stacked on top of each other and connect via board pins that line up when stacking each of the modules.


since the ATTiny cannot power 4 RGB LEDs simultaniously, i incorporated the use of 3 NPN transistors to handle the heavy load so the ATTiny did not burn out. the ATTiny will be triggered on by using an ESP8266 output GPIO pin through the use of a PNP transistor. the ATTiny LED board is running on 5 VDC and the ESP runs off 3v3 so the transistor bridge is necessary so the ESP does not burn out.


the boards for the module are in production and will be finished next week. once i have all items attached, i will be posting the results and pictures of the finished product.