Radio Interface Board programmer. This is a universal programmer for programming Hand held or mobile Ham Radios. Pins are provided for RX/TX and GND as well as 5V to power the interface from the raio or use external 9-12V power.

The RIB Programmer designed here provides an output for RX, TX, GND and an input for supply voltage to be powered by the radio if provided, alternatively it can be powered with a 9-12V supply directly to the board.

The interface makes use of a MAX232 Serial chip in a standard RS232 configuration and has been a tried and trusted friend for programming radios from many brand names.


5 X 1uF 16V Electrolytic capacitors, 1 X 0.01uF Ceramic capacitor, 1 X 16 pin IC holder, 1 X MAX232 chip, 1 X 78L05 Voltage Regulator, 1 X 9 pin D Serial female chassis mount socket, 1 X four pin inline socket, 1 X 2 Pin Header and 1 X RIB Programmer PCB.


Construction follows the normal patter of small components first, starting with the two jumper wires and ending with the 9 pin D socket. At this stage check your solder work to ensure that there are no solder bridges and you should be “A Okay”.

Interfacing the RIB Programmer to your radio

A series of plugs and sockets can be made up allowing you to connect multiple radios to the RIB Programmer.