The robotarm can be manipulated with two potenciometers, or when a switch is off, the program controll the two servos and the electromagnet of the arm. The robotarm can be reprogrammed easily using potetiometers. In Arduino GUI using Serial Monitor one can see the values for servos when they are controlled by potentiometers. Then one can write down these values in to the program. After saving and uploading the code the servos follows the new commands and take new positions.

The box was made out of wood and metal table. In the box is the Breadboard of the Fritzing Starter Kit and on it the electronic elements connected together with wires. The arm was made out of metal plates flexed in the approppriate shape and assembled with screws and two servos. The lower part of arm was made out of steel metal plate (thickness: 0.5 mm) while the upper part of arm was made out of red copper metal plate (thickness: 0.5 mm).