Large-scale prototype for a mini robotic arm (which will include reductive gears?) designed to assist me in fly brain dissections. Controlled by SONY TV remote. I want this robot to have the same range in movement that I do, but at lower magnitudes of degrees of movements. So far I've got the "wrist" able to move vertically and rotate. Eventually, I want it to be able to: -move the entire arm left and right, forwards and reverse -attach a forcep that will be able to be squeezed and released.

2 Servos:

The first one (in the code, it is declared servo) is the wrist rotator. has 2 control horns.

The second one (declared servoV) allows the wrist to move vertically. has 1 control horn.

servo is attached to servoV's control horn. a mock hand is attached to servo's 2 control horns. i attached servoV on a stand.