RUNNING LED'S when button pressed using ARDUINO MEGA

This is a series of simple projects aimed at getting started with Arduino. This will cover most of the important peripherals of the Arduino starting from simple Digital I/Os to ADC and communication interfaces etc.


In the first set of projects the following are included. They are basically about the Digital I/Os and ADC on the arduino.

2.LED ON using push button
3.AC BULB ON using push button
4.Running LED'S
5.Running LED'S when button pressed
6.LED ON/OFF using two buttons
7.LED BLINK with adjustable delays
8.POTENTIOMETER as ADC input display serial monitor
9.LDR light controller
11.Temperature controller


In this experiment we are going to see

RUNNING LED'S when button is pressed:

connect different LED'S to pin 9,10,11 and a push button to pin 3 and 5V power supply and ground.