The connection of a 1602 LCD display without a backpack Module, and scrolling long text.


1 x Arduino UNO R3

1 x 1602 LCD Unit

1 x Potentiometer 1 KOhm



Scrolling text longer than 24 chars on a 1602 LCD display is impossible.

Due the limitations of the 1602 LCD, it has only a 40 pos. buffer per row, so you never can scroll longer text than 24 chars + 16 spaces, the scroll function always starts with 16 spaces, if your text is longer, than then the buffer gets overrun and the text scrolls further in the buffer of the second row. If this one is also overrun it skips back to the first buffer. Now you can imagine what a barbage we get.

To overcome this problem i wrote a very simple and small code snipped, that allows you to scroll long text.


Have Fun,


Jay Brad