Use this pcb to quickly attach a SIM3U166-B-GQ 64 Pin TQFP to you breadboard.  Includes pin labels.   The SIM3U166-B-GQ is a Silicon Laboratories MCU with USB connectivity.

This project allows you to connect a TQFP-40 IC to a breadboard.




1. Fabricate the PCB.

2. Very carefully solder the SIM3U166-B-GQ chip to the PCB.  The dot on the corner of the chip should be closest to the "U1" text on the PCB.  See  for instructions on soldering.

3. Solder the pin headers (Molex Part #: 22-28-4363) in place.  Make sure to break away uneeded header pins before soldering.  The pins should be on  bottom of the PCB, which is the opposite side of the PCB as the IC.

4. Insert the finished IC adapter into your breadboard.

5. Make something cool!